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For two days the storm has taken over the city, and two people's lives. A man convinces himself that his life is worthless when his lover leaves him for another man. Alone and depressed, he allows his life to sink into the bowels of civilization. When a wife and mother discovers that her husband is having an affair she abandons logic and gives in to the perilous abyss of jealousy and revenge.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Writing and Giving It Away For Free

Earlier I had posted about Kindles and a thought I had had of giving all the rights to Counting Down the Storm to them for free. Still thinking about that. Today I saw a twitter post that read:

Would we have had Shakespear, if he'd had to write for free? (part of a link to this article which is not what I am discussing here really)

Tis true but it would be exceptionally difficult for a man in his era to have access to media that would showcase his work without having someone who paid him. Today is not the case. I have to admit that at this stage in my writing *cough career *cough that exposure and having people actually read what I write, like you kind folks for instance, is far more important than any kind of financial reward. I am willing to give things away for free. Even if later on down the road I have to fight to get what is rightfully mine it is still worth it, that fight could very well be the publicity I needed anyways.

Here's the thing. Whatever I do write and post online is more or less in the public domain and very unlikely to be touched by any reputible publisher. That's okay with me. Maybe one of them will see something and wonder what else I have written.

In the end does it really matter? I have a day job and I highly doubt that I will ever be lucky enough to not need one. I want to be read and not because I have some ground breaking philosopies to share or because I think I'm important, I want to be read because I want to entertain people, and I want to entertain people to give me purpose for my writing. Lets face it no one (without major psychological defects) would write fiction if they never believed anyone would read it.

So this post is probably all over the place because I keep getting interupted but what I really want to say is that I am going to just toss out my story "Karma is a Bitch"

Start Reading it Here

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  1. Woot - looks like I'm your first follower! :-) It's a very creative way to promote your book. Thanks for doing this!

    grig at gmx dot com