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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Social Media can Really Suck, and Suck you in

I hate Facebook, I really do. It's funny how many people come out of the woodwork and how many of them you wish would have stayed in there. At first I thought it was cool getting in touch with old friends and seeing what they were up to but as time went on I realized that:

A) I had nothing to say to most of them


B) People became addicted to finding everyone they ever knew and as time went on I would fall into these categories. Unfortunately I was far too polite to decline friend requests from people I knew.

I started a new facebook account under a false name and told only those closest to me where I was. The trouble is that now I want to have a Facebook page more directed towards me as a writer. I tried to revive my old one but it was so full of crap that I gave up, then I tried to just start a new one but without redoing all of my contact information (as my writing e-mail is associated with my old account) I can't seem to. WTF? I'm making (hopefully) some contacts on Twitter which is good and I would like to carry this over onto Facebook but not onto my personal one.

Speaking of Twitter, I need to cut back, man it's stupidly addicting, why? Maybe it's just me, I do get addicted to things, I just quit smoking, I used to spend an abnormally huge amount of time in chatrooms at one time, I'm a bit of a Threadless T-Shirt Forum junkie and I can watch TV for hours if not for the intervention of my "Can't get addicted to anything ever" wife. Now if only I could revive my writing addiction without any kind of interuption.


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