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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Karma is really turning out to be a bitch & A "Novel" Idea for an agent I'm following on Twitter

Part One

So over the past couple of days I wrote several pages outlining my character Karma. I ran into a pitfall that perhaps others can understand. I was making her a situation driven character. I made everything work out just right so she would be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing in order for the story to pick her up however in doing so I made her waaay too nice and waaay to unbelievable.

I had to shake my head when I realized that I had a 19 year old owner of a tattoo parlour who got there because of incredible book smarts and the kindness of others. To that I say


Yes, that's what I said.

I have decided that she got that tattoo parlour out of pure manipulation, seduction and black mail, that's more like my little fiery vixen!

Part Two

Sara Megibow, of the Nelson Literary Agency wrote on her facebook:

What am I looking for from young adult novels in the slush pile?...dorky
heroes, Vikings, pirates, ocean adventures, space ships, terraforming, first
contact (that's geek sf talk for "aliens"), romance, spring vacations gone awry,
travel, multiculturalism and global settings, elves, dragons, magic, monsters,
haunted houses...and, of course, a great story that's well told. :)

I think I have just the thing for her. It is very unlikely she is following this blog and as right now it isn't much more than a couple of pages and an idea I wouldn't contact her but it has inspired me to get back to it. This is the concept:

An 11 year old boy can't wait until his 12th birthday, actually to be exact the first full moon on his 12th birthday. You see Harold Ware is a Ware (or as they are known to the rest of the world "Weres") Most people are familiar with Werewolves, which are by far the most common type, but there are all kinds of other creatures that Wares turn into as well; Bears, Jaguars, Birds of Prey, Foxes and even Deer and Songbirds to just name a few.

The prophecy states that on the first full moon of the thirteenth year your true identity shall be revealled. This means Harold will get to find out what he will be. His branch of the family is particulary revilled for it variety. His oldest brother is a Werebear, his sister (female weres are incredibly rare) is a Great Grey Owl. His father is a wolf but his Great-Great Grandfather was a great Black Stallion and strangest of all was that his grandmother, who was from a very distant family branch of Wares was a beautiful maiden, not that she was homely during other phases of the moon but during the full moon her beauty was beyond enchanting and ageless. Never before and never since has there been a Were-human.

See, I am getting into it already. The above is just brain farts and just more of a description than anything you would see in the story. A couple of other things about Harold is that he is a narotic child who believes (and may be right) that he suffers from an OCD, he is the super geekiest, wierdest child (may tune it back a bit). He is so excited to become something else. Here's the kicker though, when his true identity is revealed to him he is a squirrel.

Nuts eh?

Anyway, I hope it doesn't sound too lame, I think it will work and seems to be working out in my mind and on paper so anyway, I'll keep you posted with my progress on that.


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