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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Magicless Wizard and Wise words for Flatulant Fungal Spore Creatures From Outerspace

I’d like to give the rules for the game that got me here today. I call it the
ASPIRING WRITER game. On your turn, you write a book. Then you submit. Then you
roll a 500-sided die, don’t look at it, cover it up. Wait 3 to 6 months (or
longer), then uncover the die. Is it on number 42? Nope? Well, write another
book. Submit both of your books. Roll two 500-sided die, don’t look at them,
cover them up. Wait 3-6 months (or logner), then uncover the die. Is it on
number 42? Nope? Well, repeat the above steps as often as necessary. And
remember, the game only ends when you quit.
---A. Lee Martinez
From his Blog Post: Zen of Games

Talent is like a muscle: without something to push against, it atrophies.
---Robert McKee
(Quoted in Rachel Walsh's Blog Post: Boxing-In Your Muse)

Two completely unrelated quotes. Nothing to do with what I am going to talk about today.

My most productive imagination time is right before bed. It is the only time I have to myself that is quiet and I am able to contemplate things that do not matter in the real world. I generally lay awake for an hour moving and creating characters, figuring out how to set scenes and so on. Obviously I can't write any of this down the best I can do is try to retrieve it from my flawed memory tracks and commit it to paper. It never works as well as it did the night before. I wish someone would invent some sort of USB attachment for our brains.

That being said though I have formed and begun to write the opening sequence for my Were-squirrel story, the epic battle that led The Wizard to attempt to save lives of men by giving them "blood transfusions" (we are talking middle ages here so an extremely rudimentary attempt) using blood from Wolves and other wild animals.

It's a back story and a start to the Ware (Weir, Wiere, Were Where etc.) family, their special place in the world and their powers. The Wizard, a character whom I can not seem to give a name too that doesn't sound either incredibly stupid or too close to Merlin, is becoming very interesting and I think perhaps he needs to be in more places. I guess we'll see, it's the joy of writing.

The fun of The Wizard is that he is in fact a wizard and he also knows that magic does not exist. His magic and that of all wizards and witches is simply training, luck, observance and centuries of experiments. I sure wish I knew more about magic, not the fairy tale kind but the real behind the scenes stuff. Oh well, one of my favourite personal slogans:

Sometimes I just make shit up

Will apply well here.

As for Karma. I am going to give "Squirrel-boy" a rest and do a few lines (The Charlie Dickens kind, not the Charlie Sheen kind) and see how it goes.

"When lacking in action one must compensate with wit"

P.S. I realized that up until now I have mention nothing about Flatulant Fungal Spore Creatures From Outerspace.

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