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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alongside Frankenstein & Dracula, we need a new monster

Some of my favourite classics are horror. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula are perhaps two of the greatest works of fiction and the pinnacle of horror monsters. I’m sure that there is not an author out these who does not site these stories as inspiration for their own monster, whether they be true monsters or merely ones that manifest through the psyche.

Where are monsters now? The real ones. Is it the lack of innocence that does not allow such creations any longer, maybe our society is so full of real dangers and real monsters that to create one from scratch such as Dracula he would have to be so horrific that he would be deemed unreadable.

I know that there is likely at least one new monster created everyday by artists and writers and I am not talking about psycho clowns, Zombies, aliens etc. I am talking about creating a whole new species of monster, or taking a little known myth and bringing it global. Something really freaking scary. Are there too many writers these days? Too many genres? Maybe no one takes horror seriously enough anymore. The other possibility is that Twilight destroyed all things sacred in the realm of monsters.

---God damn “Vegetarian” vampires---

I think it’s time for someone to capture the imagination of the world using Bram’s or Mary’s formula and create a whole new monster. Mankind is ripe for finding such a thing. The icecaps are melting, we are deforesting at a tremendous rate. Pollution has to create/mutate something. Science is appearing to be limitless.

Here are a few places to look and what you may find there:
• Mountains of Northern Siberia
     • An abandoned USSR radiation test site.
     • A radiation experiment gone tremendously wrong
     • A living space, air, walls the entire structure is aware

• Frozen Alive in the Antarctic Glaciers
     • A true Dragon, buried in the ice
     • It is slowly reanimating as the holds of the cold grow warmer

• The Jungles of Borneo
     • An unknown species of humanoid, more naturally evolved

• The Jungles of Peru
     • Nazi deserters brought experiments to a camp deep in the jungles only to be murdered by
     • Their experiment is held by the tribesmen, a super-soldier who has yet to be “Armed”

Of course I don’t think any of these are anywhere near Stoker/Shelley brilliance, or could they? Given the right (not likely me) writer maybe they could.


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