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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keeping Focus, Smoking and Stuff I've Started and Never Finished.

My wife thinks that I may suffer from ADHD, she's an elementary school teacher so she knows it when she sees it.  I have been thinking the same thing over the past several months.  I especially have been seeing it since I quit smoking.

I started smoking when I was 14.  It was like a "Where have you been all my life?"  Most people coughed and hacked and nearly died with their first cigarette, I wish that had been me, I tend to not do things that make me feel terrible more than once (like eating Lentil soup).

More than 20 years and several attempts later I think I have kicked the habit.  Not sure how long it will take me to give up the gummy ---insert animal here--- addiction will take to kick but that is a problem for another time.

Anyway, I digress (which really should be tattooed on my forehead)

Cigarettes gave me a break, a chance to focus on one thing, smoking, glorious wonderful opening the blood vessels slowing the heart rate smoking.  When I smoked my mind was able to wander freely which then allowed me to focus when I returned to my task.  My mind now wanders freely whenever the hell it feels like it.  Perhaps I was self medicating with cigarettes, a diagnosis I was given for a related disorder I suffer from, depression which, incidentally enough is also a symptom of ADHD!

So as I am not going to start smoking again perhaps I should talk to my doctor.  I think if I was able to focus I would be a much better writer, perhaps even an author, and not just a starter.

which is a segway into the next part.  Stuff I started and never finished:

To Beat the Band
A story about a small town band that gets discovered years after they gave up making music and went their own ways.
-About 200 typed pages completed
-I kind of got to the meaty part of the story then the ending popped into my head, I wrote it down and that seemed to end my interest in the story.

Untitled Group of Related Stories
I just wanted to write a number of stories about very sick people from their points of view.  I used the Ten Commandments and Seven Deadly Sins as a rough concept of what people could and would do but did not focus on these.  I started several stories as well as the underlying theme, characters and setting which was a beautiful and secluded spot I spent a few weeks in north of Pheonix.
-About 50 pages

Framed: The Story of Henry James Smith (A Killer)
Terrible Title but I'm sure something better will arise.
A story of a serial framer.  He goes around killing people so he can watch others be blamed and prosecuted for their deaths.
-About 100 pages written
-I'm having issues with POV and the character that is required to pull the whole thing together I just can't relate to.  The murder scenes are wicked fun to write and I have a whole vault of them written I just need to tie them all together with a stronger story.

Too Dumb To Dance - (A Blogged Story)
The world of Mens Pairs Competitive Throw Dancing
-Three postings.  I have a bunch more written in some notebook somewhere.

Richard Babcock and the Case of the Disappearing Startlette
A Hollywood Film Noir type book
-Written inside a couple of notebooks somewhere
My ADHD his kicked in again

I found my notebooks!  I really need to spend some time digitizing them.  I have some stuff in there that I forgot I even wrote!

I won't bore you readers with anymore of what I have started and perhaps just say that I'm going to add some pages someday of short stories.  I need motivating and I think looking over something I have worked on previously will keep me from starting on a new idea almost everyday.


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