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For two days the storm has taken over the city, and two people's lives. A man convinces himself that his life is worthless when his lover leaves him for another man. Alone and depressed, he allows his life to sink into the bowels of civilization. When a wife and mother discovers that her husband is having an affair she abandons logic and gives in to the perilous abyss of jealousy and revenge.
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Organization, a key to writing

Tonight, Thursday is my writing night. Due to errands etc. etc. my time was truncated tremendously, but it was really cut short due to my lack of organization. I have thirteen different versions of one story and I had a bugger of a time tonight trying to figure out which one I had last been working on. It didn't help that I had worked on snippets and bits for various other things.

Word to the wise. Do keep all of your old versions of things, but give them logical names!

Yesterday I went to see the eye doctor and he told me that I needed glasses if I was going to be doing a lot of computer work, and guess what, it's all I do now. I got my glasses today and IT'S AMAZING! Unbelievable how clear the world is all of a sudden. Tomorrow at work will be the true test, hopefully my stress headaches and eye strains will go away and I will be more in the mood to write.

While I'm being random...

Just a little over a week until I'm off to the Banff writers retreat

Unfortunately I'm only going for a half retreat but it will still be awesome to take the dinosaur (my old laptop that does not have any games or wireless internet on it) and spend many hours putting the pieces together that I have spread out all over the place (not just in notebooks like it used to be but now in various files too!). I've decided to put away the myriad of stories I've been working on and just focus on two, Framed (The story of the serial killer) which will (fingers crossed) be my next book, and Too Dumb To Dance which I am turning into a blog story.

Hey I'm looking for a clever thing to call a blog book/author, is there any such moniker out there?

Well, until next time.


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