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Monday, January 28, 2008

My path to becoming a writer 15-October

Tonight I attended the monthly Writers Guild of Alberta meeting. There were two notable authors who spoke, Lynn Coady and another whose name is not in my recent e-mail. They had both written short articles about writing which they read, one on having to public speak on behalf of her novel and the other on writing and being a wife and a mother.

They were both hilarious and thought provoking. They then fielded a number of questions from the process of writing through to how they got published. I learned a lot. I also asked them afterwards whether they thought I was heading in the right direction with self publishing, one said yes, the other no, although the one that said yes was a newer writer than the other and had only been published for a couple of years.

I hope (hard to type with fingers crossed) that the industry has changed and I am doing the right thing. I am actually now very happy that I decided to write a short story and publish it the way I did rather than waiting for a novel. I can take the time to find out how hard it is to market and get to market a self published book.

Lately I haven't had time to write much, but I am doing my homework from class. If I get a chance I will share my paragraphs here.

Good night.

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