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For two days the storm has taken over the city, and two people's lives. A man convinces himself that his life is worthless when his lover leaves him for another man. Alone and depressed, he allows his life to sink into the bowels of civilization. When a wife and mother discovers that her husband is having an affair she abandons logic and gives in to the perilous abyss of jealousy and revenge.
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Monday, January 28, 2008

My path to becoming a writer 14-October

Why can I not just leave it alone?

I warned my editor if he sent it back to me I would change stuff. Of course he's obligated to show me what might be the final version before it get's sent for publishing but still. Everytime I read my story it needs revising, a word here a sentance here a missed possible plot twist that would change the entire story making the rest of it not make sense (oh wait, better not do that cause I am paying this guy by the hour).

I guess you just have to at some point say, this is good enough. I'm trying, I'm sure John Irving has the same problems (not comparing). So wish me luck doing as few last minute, and I mean last minute (I'm talking to myself here btw), minor changes that will hopefully not involve me having to do another final version.


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