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Monday, June 10, 2013

What If…

I am a writer and a full time stay at home parent. Many of you are the same or perhaps, as I was before, a full time office droan. It's a tough life working, parenting and trying to squeeze in a few moments of writing. Even if you are a full-time published writer unless you are very fortunate (I hate to use the word lucky), chances are you desperately need to supplement your income. Balancing life, money, time is always impossible. It seems like what we value most, time, we have to constantly trade in for money which in turn means less time, not only is it less time, it's generally less time not when it's convenient for us but when it's convenient for our bosses, clients or other people.
The internet is full of "opportunities" as you've noticed from the your spam folder and pop ups, promises of making thousands in your spare time. It sure would be nice but being dubious is a light word for how you feel about these I'm sure. Perhaps you've heard of multi-level marketing, home sales etc. that seem like pyrimid schemes (which are illegal by the way) and have been equally dubious due to past experiences or having friends realize they make no money selling Avon or Mary Kay or Candles or what ever. I hear you I was the same but (and this is the part where if you've read this far you'll want to tune out, please don't)…
Maybe, just maybe, some of these are legit.
Just over a year ago I met with a lady my wife works with and another gentlemen to discuss helping us with our finances. I was impressed. They had access to products we couldn't get on our own, were able to shed light on things we didn't know and really helped us with our financial goals. The lady my wife works with is a wonderful person and trust wasn't an issue. With little to no effort on our part (which they were happy to let us decide our own level of control) we were on our way.
Lately, as many of you know, I lost my job, half by choice, half by no choice. I knew when I left I wasn't going to go back to the grind, I wanted to stay home, raise my kids and write. Reality has since sunk in, without one of use pulling in a mid six figure salary it's not possible but making up that difference isn't really either when you factor in daycare etc. I thought about working part time but that is a bad time for money trade. I thought again about my financial advisors and what they did, sure they traded time for money but on their terms. I reluctently went to an information session ready to see that it wasn't for me, what do I know about money? Is it going to take me years of tremendously hard work just to get a small paycheck? They got me, I "drank the punch." They made no illusions of easy money or not having to work hard to get started but they also showed promise of really caring about their clients (which I already knew) and their recruits. Mentorship, training and coaching were the most important things for getting someone started. Perhaps they were blowing smoke but it was worth looking into.
Now, I hope that this support is across the board but I know that just like any job there are bad bosses and bad collegues who could care less about others but in the team I knew there was none of that, no cut throat no clawing your way to the top on the backs of others, just a positive atmosphere that, despite my attempts to see through, I got caught up in. I've joined. Am I scared? Damn right, it's taking a chance, leaving my comfort zone and knowing that I have to push myself and my company past the negative stereotype of seemingly similar companies before I can even start to show what we can do to help. I am going to bust my hump doing it too, why, because I believe in it. I think many fail at these types of jobs because they don't believe in their product, they think the money will come easy with little effort and they can't get past the awkward stages of getting started.
The company I'm working with is a Fortune 500 company who sponsers race cars, they are nolt a scam, they are not just out to get more people to give them money, they are out to help people and keep their profits rolling in by keeping customers happy and coming back and referring their friends, don't get me wrong, they are about making as much money as possible but perhaps they've seen what we all know, you can make $100 by tretchery and deciept or you can make $95 honestly and morally and sleep at night.
The company I work with is World Financial Group, if you want to join my team or see if I can help you (especially if you live in Calgary or even Alberta) please feel free to contact me, I will do everything I possibly can to help you.

Dennis R. Leask
Associate Member
World Financial Group
On twitter: @DRLeask (This is a great way to contact me)

1 comment:

  1. I got into something like that years ago, a company called A.L. Williams & Associates. Their basic idea was to "buy term insurance and invest the difference." I failed to sell one policy, but I was trying to sell to poor students.

    It was network marketing, though, which means you had to recruit others to become insurance agents. I was lousy at that, too.

    I don't have a problem with network marketing, I've made a little money in such companies over the years. What most don't realize, though, is very few people make more than a hundred bucks or so a month. Most make less than $30.

    Good luck.