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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why I'm Retiring at 37

I wish I could say we won the lottery or came into a lot of money or my wife got a killer new job that pays so well I don't have to work, but no.  It's all about time.  I work eight to five Monday to Friday, my wife works about the same maybe longer sometimes.  In the evenings and on the weekend she runs her home business, arbonne.  It helps and her earnings there are slowly growing but it takes a lot of her time.  This leaves me as a full-time worker and a full-time dad.

I hate weekends.  It's incredibly stressful to watch weekend after weekend wasted catching up on chores and running around that just can't get done during the week.  We have no family time, no us time and no me time.  Enough is enough!

We have two kids in daycare which eats more than half my salary (my wife makes more than me) and at the end of March my contract is to be renewed.  If it doesn't get renewed I qualify for E.I. with that and no daycare we are further ahead.  Why would I keep working?  Why am I letting someone else care for my kids just to get a few more dollars that aren't enough anyway?

So, unless something really good comes my way with my job on April 1st I am retiring!  I'm calling it that because if all goes well with arbonne and if I get to spend more time writing I do not plan to join the work force again ever.

The thought of being able to get current weekend stuff out of the way during the week, being able to squeeze in more writing time and being able to support my wife more in her business is really exciting.  I have to admit I'm a little scared too.  Short term we are better off financially but the future has a few ifs.  I just have to believe in what we can do.

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  1. This is why I work part time. :) Originally, that was all my boss could hire me for and three years later, when we had enough contracts and work for me to work part time, I didn't want to! I could get so much done during those hours that I would have to book off work or squeeze into busy weekends. It was difficult a couple years ago, when my daughter was in dayhomes full time and I only worked part, but now that it's after school care, we're back in the black. Not only do I get to do the banking, the doctors, the groceries, etc. etc. I get to write! This is awesome!

    Good luck to you!