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Friday, January 18, 2013

My Obligatory "Thoughts on Twitter" Post

I tweet.  Actually I probably tweet too much and of course I see a kazillion tweets about how to effectively tweet to get followers, and how to sell your products and yourself and yadda yadda yadda.  I DON'T CARE!!!!!


What do I tweet about?
  1. Writing.  It's why I joined in the first place.  I like to interact with other writers both about writing and day to day things.  I have learned so much about writing, publishing drinking wine from these great folks.
    •  when you are writing turn off spell/grammar check, they only slow you down. Editing and writing are two separate tasks.
    • Just had a brain buster of a thought… mobi is to epub what apple is to android take that as you wish
  2. Family.  I have two adorable kids and an awesome wife.  I love to share anecdotes, comical annoyances that I have.
    • Given up on getting our daughter to sleep in her crib so we delegated the task to our 4y/o. Seems to be working! 
    • She grasps the bars screaming hysterically unable to utter a word. She wonders what she did to deserve this. 
  3. One-liners.  I think I'm funny (I'm not offended if you disagree, lots do :D).  I toss these out when I feel like it.
    • I hope there's no airports named after Bush "We are now landing in the bush…" (screaming passengers)
    • Did you hear about the  outbreak in the Cannibal village? It was self contained.
  4. Smart ass remarks.  Come on people, sometimes you just ask for them…
    • Tweet: The fiance had all four wisdom teeth taken out this afternoon. Fun!
    • Reply:  fun? Oh you're sharing his pain meds ;-)
    • Tweet: If you smoke a four leaf clover... a leprechaun will magically appear and eat a delicious bowl of Lucky Charms with you.
    • Reply:  isn't that with a five leaf clover?
  5. I also "run" two dailys, The Flash Fiction Daily and The Daily Mongerer
I talk to everyone of the people that I follow as if they are old friends, whether it's George Takei or @JSHyena.  I don't expect responses, retweets/etc.

What I don't tweet about
  1. I don't do #FFs/#WWs/#MMs etc, I have nothing against them and I do occasionally read them and even follow people if you have a good reason why.  I don't like them because they take a hell of a long time to do and I like to bring attention to someone you should follow whenever I think of it.
  2. I don't do a lot of marketing.  Sometimes I toss out links to:
  3. My sex life, sorry
  4. Everything I do/eat/drink or send a tweet from every site I visit on-line
  5. I also very rarely ever curse, get too political or controversial
What I retweet
  1. Funny stuff, if it makes me laugh I'm sharing, even if it is a bit off colour
  2. Good tips, great sites, interesting articles
If you follow me I will follow you back unless you
  • Are part of #TeamFollowBack
  • Have not tweeted anything what-so-ever
  • All of your posts are about 
    • marketing
    • Self help
    • Inspirational Quotes
    • Random Links
    • Jesus or other religious dieties
  • And if your posts start being or turn out to be like the above I unfollow
So, I'm not going to tell you how to Twitter and I don't want you to tell me either 'cause guess what, twitter is a Social Network and I am there to:
  1. Be Social
  2. To Network
Thanks for Reading

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