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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am going to get a children's story published…

just don't know how yet.
Two years ago just before my daughter was born I wrote a book for my son called:

My Baby Sister is an Alien
My Baby Sister is an Alien

It's a look at pregnancy, birth and early infancy from the perspective of an older brother.

My wife has been bugging me ever since to get it published and perhaps I should.  There are just a few things that I want to find out first.

  1. It's not illustrated (well the version I made used clip-art but that doesn't count), do I need to have it illustrated before I try to submit it or will they hook me up with someone?
  2. Who is a really good children's book publisher that is taking submissions from unknown hacks like me?
I am going to start some research and let you all know how it's going!
So far I have:
Asked twitter
Googled and read a bit on some of them.
Next, make a list of my preferred publishers and look into submission requirements for each.
Wish me luck!

Thanks for Reading

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