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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Miss Type Writers

Well, not really but in a way they were really the best word processors as far as readability.

I recently bought a Kobo after looking at the screen for about 5 seconds.  It is a nifty device that, wait for it...


Wow!  What a simple concept, a device that only has one purpose.  I don't want to go on a tech rant here but I am really sick of "Swiss Army Knife" technology where one little device does everything imaginable but whose original function is all but lost, like a cell phone for instance, I swear to god that one day someone is going to come out with a cell phone and forget to include calling features.

Now don't get me wrong, these all in one devices are very handy to have but they can't replace everything.  Digital books are a great example of technology that should have taken off much sooner, why didn't they?  No one wanted to read a book on their computer screen and I can't blame them.  Could they read them on a phone, hell no, you would lose your mind so eventually someone was smart enough to stand back and say, "Wait, we need a device that is like a book."  Bingo!  I think we need more single function technology.

So where I am really going with this is that if books are hard to read on a computer screen why then are we still using them for word processing?  Someone needs to come out with a Kobo type device for writing.  Could you imagine how wonderful it would be to type everything out reading it as you used to from your old type written pages without having to then re-enter it into your computer?

Anyway, that's my writing thoughts for today.

(I Really Need a Fancy Sign Off Phrase)


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